Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition: GO SHY!

Mayo 7, 2008 at 11:13 umaga 1 puna

Shy is indeed giving spice to kuya’s house right now.

and i am soooo lovin’ it

finally. malalaman ko na yung tunay na kulay nila

they predicted that Shy would demolish the friendship they have built with each other. Yes, thier friendship shattered, but it’s most likely because of themselves.

so far so good. problems  and conflicts are starting to arise. and tell you what. I don’t like priscilla’s attitude . Same goes to nicole. *ugh* she’s so effin landi.

Beauty? oh my. that witty girl? who would believe that the words “fucking girl..yawa” came out of her mouth? uh oh! i liked you for being jolly. but after seeing you act that way? ugh! TURN OFF LOSER!

as well with the other girls. Come on? It is a task, but not from kuya, but from the viewer’s/texter’s outside the inside world (ay.labo) grabe sila magpaapekto

Backstabbing daw sabi ni Nicole. No it isn’t you bitch! It’s the truth, you fugly bastard! I REALLY HATE YOU BITCH! you’re even worse than a HOE! you and Josef really fit each other’s company. Isang pokpok at isang malibog.
*yes it’s bad. you’re flinging w/ someone eventhough may BF ka na. you guys weren’t commited nga. BAD YUN BAD. landi mo!

Priscilla: Nagiging totoo na ako(enraged with fury)
-so you mean that the priscilla we knew was the fake one? darn. You should have shown to the whole country your  true color from the start. FRAUD!
and you were the one backstabbing. Freak! You divulged to Nicole what Shy told you. You’re adding up stories pa, now who’s talking about the truth eh? LIAR!

poor rona. she only wanna befriend Shy, now this is what she gets? but everyone tells na she’s playing safe, well i dunno.

Valerie- good thing you’re out of the issue. yay!  please please. as much as possible, stay out from those evil girls!

i shy’s week stay, i know there will still more to come. and with that, we’ll have a lot to know from this teens 🙂



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pahabol kay Bb. Pilipinas World 2008 who SHOULD you vote from the Nominated Teens

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  • 1. georgyporgy  |  Mayo 9, 2008 bandang 9:25 umaga

    Have to agree to this. Palayasin na si Priscilla! I hate her the same way you do.


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